Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lil' Kim shuts down Gramercy Theater

"When the queen comes to town, Everything shuts DOWN!!!" Yesssssss, Kimberly! Slay Big Momma! Lil' Kim ROCKED the Gramercy Theater last Friday and boy did she put on a show! My Hundreds of fans stood outside the theater for hours waiting for the Queen Bee to make her first show since her "Return Of the Queen Tour" which took place last year. She gave the fans exactly what they were looking for: LIFE! As the pint sized rapper walked on stage dressed in an red lace jumpsuit, the crowd roared. Kim stood in silence for a few seconds as her perfectly LAID hair flowed down her back, then finally she broke her silence "I've been gone for a minute but I'm back with the jump off" and the audience went CRAZY! Performing her classic hits such as "Crush on U" and "Drugs"  from her debut album, Hardcore, to even spitting a verse from protegee, Tiffany Foxx , track called "Twisted", Its safe to say that the Queen Bee had her fans in a trance.Its amazes me how her fans remember the lyrics to her songs that are damn near 20 years old. The Queen Bee has been fully aware of her fans questions about new music and an album. Even though Kim has been focusing her attention to her protegee, Tiffany Foxx, She announced that she will be releasing some new music in June for her "Killer Bees"which restored all hope for her loyal anticipating fans. "Thought I was dead and buried, I'm back like Machiavelli". Slay, Lil' Kim.

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