Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Lies Run Sprints but the Truth Runs Marathons"

As a blogger, I know that I am obligated to be "unbiased" however, when it comes to defaming and slandering an innocent victim, I will NOT take part in that. The reason I am writing this post is because as a Michael Jackson fan, I feel that I am obligated to proclaim his innocence. It grinds my gears to hear the sick and twisted lies that roots to money.

I havent been following the Michael Jackson wrongful lawsuit against Michael's former label, AEG simply because I am SICK of the gluttony and greed among the Jackson family and former "friends" or label. Its like some people thrive off the slander of a Michael's name. Diane Dimond, Martin Bashir, Thomas Sneddon, have done NOTHING but inform the public of biased lies rather than facts when it comes to Michael. Although ive expressed my opinions about them in the past, They are not the focus of my attention today. The recent scandal that has me in an uproar is Wade Robson attempts to paint Michael as a child molester. TMZ recently reported that Robson suffered a "breakdown" due to past molestation trauma. Pardon my french, but this is BULLSHIT. Robson is Michael's former choreographer who visited Neverland Ranch between ages 7-14. He testified in Michael's defense in during the trial, not once but TWICE, denying all child molestations allegations. Why would he wait until Michael dies to provide this information? Robsons lawyer, Henry Gradstein, says that his client "repressed the memory" (Lies) and is now suffering from the trauma. I say its because Robson wants in on $Michael Estate$ because hes broke. Gradstein also stated that Michael told his lying ass client,  "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives" and “our lives will be ruined forever.” Doesn't this sound like some bullshit? The struggle is REAL.

 Michael was an easy target for child molestation accusations simply because his love for children. If Michael was a molester by any means, he would not have been granted ANY custody of his 3 beloved children, Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson and Prince Michael the II aka "Blanket". It really amazes me how people think of Michael as this sexual predator but his children NEVER uttered an negative comment about their father. Michael was under FBI investigation most of the 90's and the only pornographic thing they could recover from his home were playboy magazines. Yeah, a grown man looking at pornographic pictures is defined as a child molester. The world that we live in. shaking my head.

I hope Michael seeks justice once day. I don't believe I could fathom the pain he endured while he was alive. It really breaks my heart to see a innocent victim maliciously attacked by miserable souls. Michael isn't the only victim of slander unfortunately. I pray for his restless soul and children. The truth will come to light.

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