Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Not Your Superwoman

Remember 80's star Karyn White? The woman who gave us women a foundation to let our men know that they shouldn't take us for granted in the song, Superwoman?

I'm not your superwoman
I'm not the kind of girl
That you can let down
And think that everything is okay
Boy I am only human
This girl needs more than occasional hugs
As a token of love from you to me

 As I typed those lyrics the memory of her voice sent chills throughout my body. Every woman who has been taken for granted can relate to this song.  Some men (& sistas too) tend to think that after the wedding, you no longer have to show affection. If you don't give your significant lover the affection and the attention that they need, then most likely they will find it elsewhere.Its okay to cater to your man and make him feel like a king. Its okay to cater to your woman and making her feel like a queen but just don't be anyone's fool in the process. Don't be a "Superfool". You have to give a little to get a little if you know what I mean.

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